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Bagua is a Chinese word meaning “eight symbols,” and it refers to a mapping grid used in Feng Shui. The grid (or template) is laid over the floorplan of a space, and each section of the grid corresponds to a part of life: Marriage, Family, Wealth, Career, etc. (The center of the Bagua can be thought of as a 9th section that all the other eight sections revolve around and feed into.)

The grid reveals what items of the home or office appear in what life sector. And from there, organizing and decluttering take on a very symbolic aspect. Feng Shui practitioners (like myself) rely on intuition to help interpret the symbolism, move things around to create a better flow in the space, and inspire more harmonious success for the person using it. It’s a complex yet simple system—which is something I love about it.

Feng Shui itself is a practice or system that can bring you greater life balance, or correct an out-of-whack area of your life (like things always seeming to go wrong in one particular part of your life after moving to a specific house or apartment, and you sense a symbolic reason behind it). That’s the reason I chose to call my work, “House in Balance.” My job is to look at your home side-by-side with you to help you notice and make personal discoveries about the areas of your life that are out of balance, specifically by looking at your floorplan through the eyes of the Bagua. I hope you invite me to work with you sometime! I look forward to it.